College Football – It is Going to Be a Very Long Season For Washington’s Football Program

If Washington’s football program was Southern California’s football program, it might be right on target to say the Huskies picked up right where they left off last year.

All Southern Cal has done the past two years is go 10-2 twice in the regular season and then beat Michigan 32-18 in the 2006 Rose Bowl and beat Illinois 49-17 in the 2007 Rose Bowl. The Trojans traveled to Virginia for their opener on the road this year and won easily, 52-7.

Unfortunately for the Washington Huskies, they did pick up right where they left off last season, only it was losing big time once again in their opener at Oregon. The Ducks brushed aside all of Washington’s months-long preparation (or lack of preparation) for the game, winning 44-10 while piling up 496 yards of offense.

So what should we have expected? Last year Oregon beat Washington 55-34, and the Ducks won 34-14, 45-21 and 31-6 in the prior three outings, giving Oregon a 5-game win streak over Washington, the longest consecutive butt-kicking in a series that started in 1900.

So what were the major positives for Washington Huskies Saturday night? Well, they found Eugene, the showed up for the game on time, and they had their uniforms on correctly.

Once they hit the Autzen Stadium turf, Washington’s vaunted offensive line wasทางเข้า ufabet conspicuously absent, affecting their new-look running game as true freshman starter Chris Polk gained 19 yards on 14 carries, and sophomore Brandon Johnson gained 13 yards on 7 carries.

Polk may be fast, Polk may be shifty, but the Duck defenders had absolutely no problem finding and tackling him. Chris Polk learned a lot about the real experience difference between high school football and Pac 10 football on the road against a quality team in a hostile stadium. At least Duck Nation was not throwing bottles at the Huskies.

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Jake Locker, Washington’s major offensive threat, was held in check by Oregon’s defense. When it became apparent that there would be no Husky passing attack because of a lot of dropped balls and inexperience, Oregon was able to stack the box with more players than chocolates in a See’s candy box. The Duck defensive secondary is so good they can play man-to-man coverage, allowing sometimes 8 defenders near the line of scrimmage.