Kettlebells – Freeweights on Steroids

Kettlebells are the latest training device to gain popularity in gyms across the country. This is ironic because they have been used to develop strength for decades in europe, especially in eastern europe. In case you’re not familiar with the term, a kettlebell is a round shaped weight with a wide integral thick handle. It resembles a teakettle made of solid iron. Old time strongmen routinely trained with these devices and for a long time they were not generally available in this country. That has changed and more people are training with them than ever before. This article will highlight the advantages of kettlebells as a training device over free weights.

To appreciate what kettlebells can accomplish it is necessary to look at standard training equipment i.E. Barbells and dumbbells, also known as free weights. Training with these is superior to using machines. Because gravity can pull in many different directions, many auxiliary muscles Crazy Bulk Stacks are used to control the bar and complete an exercise. The same is true of dumbbells. However, these exercises are all linear or unidirectional exercises with limited range of movement. Indeed if not done following correct form exercises like squats can cause injury.

In contrast to this workouts using kettlebells are dynamic in nature. The weight is off-center to the grip and meant to be swung and controlled. This unique design allows for users to develop dynamic, explosive strength. In addition to the dead weight of the bell, the exerciser also has to resist the centrifugal force generated by the swing of the weight and then control the return to the starting position. These extra stresses can’t be duplicated with other free weights.

There are definite advantages to owning and using kettlebells. To get an effective workout, only two are needed as opposed to several hundred pounds of free weight equipment. They come in various sizes from around 10 pounds up to 100 pounds so there is plenty of room for growth. Kettlebells don’t take up much room and t