Legionella Testing by Post and Legionella Control

Since the discovery of Legionella bacteria in 1976 Legionella Testing has been made a requirement under good practice guidelines such as those of the HSE in the UK and a requirement under law in many countries for industries operating water systems. The bacterium gained its name from the incident and victims of the first recorded outbreak in Philadelphia after an American Legion taking part in a veteran’s conference were subjected to the airborne bacteria from the air conditioning ventilation system, since then thelegionella besmetting  name and risks of the bacteria has increased in public awareness to the point today where prevention is seen as an integral part of industrial responsibility.

Legionella Testing can be performed easily with the help of a service company who offer a postal testing service. You should be able to send off for a Legionella sampling package which will include appropriate sterile bottles and come with comprehensive instructions on performing a sufficient and encompassing round of sampling. You should also receive return packaging with a prepaid postage label to ensure swift results. This method can allow for results as soon as the next working day to be emailed to you. This method can be as simple as selecting a sample point and taking a sample, once done your samples should be dispatched same day to the laboratory including details to contact you with. The next working day the sample is processed and results emailed to you in pdf format. The results will be explained fully with advice on what action should be undertaken should any be needed.

More hands on Legionella testing can be undertaken by a Legionella testing service usually on a one off or contract basis but will obviously come at greater cost, this avenue is certainly worth pursuing for peace of mind should you be unsure about undertaking any part of the testing process as sampling points can be identified more proficiently by a competent trained expert.