Tips to Keep up with Sexual Life Solid

Your sexual well-being goes hand in hand with your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. Therefore, the same healthy habits you rely on to keep your body in shape can also shape up your sex life.Apart from pleasure, sex increases boost immunity, relieves stress. It is a secret tool to increase good mood endorphins.

Many couples suffer boredom in sex after years in relationships and consult sexual therapist.Sex should not get boring in marriage. Your intimate relationship should get better with days passing by. You know each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, desires, which can lead to satisfying sex.

Usually,life can get in the way of sex. Everyday chores, javhd kids’ future, financial issues can vanish romance.These things can interfere with both your desire for sex and the time to put in the effort. But try to put sex in your priority and keep it exciting. But, what’s important to understand is to know how to maintain and improve your sex life day in and day out

Here are some tips for a more meaningful and intimate relationship:

Productive and meaningful communication
Love for each other
Physical attraction
Willingness to make time for each other
Date nights, fun, and playfulness
Acceptance of each other’s flaws and quirks
Share your desires with your partner

Ways to Improve Sex Life

Perform Kegel exercises

Kegel Exercises were designed by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1948 for strengthening the pelvic floor or pubococcygeal (PC) muscles to cure urinary incontinence and improve muscle tone. Although initially prescribed to women, it’s beneficial for men as well.

To find the right “pelvic floor” muscles for Kegel Exercises, simply urinate and then cut off the flow. While doing it you should feel muscles at the base of the penis a little above the anuscontracting.These exercises get the muscles back in the shape that are necessary maintaining an erection. Other benefits of Kegel Exercises for men is lasting longer and a stronger ejaculation.


Foreplay is the intimacy that gets you “ready” for sex. In sex, the man doesn’t just poke his penis inside the woman—foreplay, which includes intimate conversation, kissing, stroking, and gradual undressing—is very pleasurable. Foreplay causes a woman’s vagina to lubricate and a man to have an erection, making intromission easy, and sex pleasurable. Dry sex is painful, emotionally upsetting, and unsatisfying, and makes it virtually impossible for a woman to have an orgasm. Foreplay brings partners together, emotionally, and then physically. Sex without foreplay is more like rape. Manage your aging sex life effectively

The urge for sex can reduce due to low levels of testosterone in blood and due to some health conditions. According to sex therapists, you should be focused in achieving orgasm and start enjoying each other’s company.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Take good care of yourself. Try to lead a stress free life. A healthy sex life depends on overall physical, emotional, and mental health.A good diet enriched with nutrients can increase your libido. A dietdeficient in nutrients can lead to health issues, which may negatively affect your sex life. Usually, erectile dysfunction is because of obesity and diabetes. Food is medicine. Changing your lifestyle and eating habits may not be a cure-all for sexual issues, but it helps a lot of issues to an extent. Ayurveda, our ancient medical science has many proven techniques and solutions for sexual issues. Holistic practitioners are doing purification techniques through panchakarma and oil massage, Shirodhara. Certain Sexual Wellness Supplement may help improve your overall health and sex life. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol. One thing keeps in mind that sex is not going to be perfect each time; don’t compare your sex life to the scenes you see in movies or on television.Sometimes, abstinence from sex also improves the relationship. Remember, it’s about quality before quantity.

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